The wait is FINALLY OVER!!! The reMIXTAPE vol1 IS HERE! This is a FREE mixtape that I put together just as a way of saying THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have stayed down through the years and help me keep my dream alive! It's been a while since I dropped music regularly and I am sorry! Consider this my sincere apology AND my promise to never keep yall waitin this long again!!! Click the image above or go to the music page to download your FREE copy! If you want a hard copy (which is free too, unless I am shipping it then I just ask that you pay for the shipping) add my personal FB page and message me! Or email me at! ALL I ASK IN RETURN FOR THIS FREE MIXTAPE... IS THAT IF YOU LIKE IT, 1. You let me know by commenting on my fb page and telling me what you think! and 2. that you tell ALL your friends and family about it and have them get a copy! LETS MAKE HISTORY YALL!!!! FOREVER FLY IS THE MOVEMENT... WE ON OUR WAY TO THE TOP! LETS GOOOOO!!!!

the reMIXTAPE vol 1 PRE-ORDER (hard copies): Pre-Order $5 for Shipping & Handling

the reMIXTAPE vol 1 PRE-ORDER (hard copies): Pre-Order $5 for Shipping & Handling

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This mixtape is FREE I am just charging for the shipping and handling. By pre-ordering today and paying your $5, you reserve your copy and it will be shipped out the day the mixtape drops! Much Luv, JP

Wassup world? Welcome to! First and foremost I’d like to shout out my fans and personally thank you for your time, love and support! Without you I wouldn’t be where I’m at, or doing the things I am, today! You make the hard work, long hours, stress and frustrations worth it everyday! Thank you and much love, JP!

I've been away from the music scene for a little while while I was getting other areas of my life in line...but I have recently moved into my new house and my new studio is finished so I am BACK AT IT harder than ever before! There is LOTS of new music to come, so make sure you bookmark my website and stop back by frequently! As of right now ALL of my music is free for download, so make sure you get it all while you can! All I ask is that you help me share my music with the world by letting your friends and family hear it!

Enjoy the site, enjoy the music, and feel free to contact me if you are interested in bookigns, features or just have questions! I'm always down to conversate with my fans!

Thank you for being a part of my career and the Forever Fly Movement! It's about to be a takeover and you play an important role in that!

Much luv,


Im Back NEW 2014

by JP

I know its been a while since I was on my music shit heavy...and I apologize to all of my fans who have been patiently waiting...but Im finally back at it! I just purchased and moved into my first home and am building a new the wait is over!!!! My booth isnt even built yet, but I set the mic up anyways because I HAD to drop somethin! Its been too long! Enjoy! IMMMM BACKKKKKK!!!!

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